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Week 1 Post 3 review minimum of 150 words apa format

Week 1 Post 3 review minimum of 150 words apa format


Before Videos:

1) What are some possible career paths one can take with an educational background in finance? 

I believe with an educational background in finance will open a lot of possibilities for a good career. Some of the possibilities include Corporate Finance, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Public Accounting, Insurance, Financial Planning, and many more. The accounting field alone has multiple jobs within itself that involves finance education. 

2) What are some of the key steps someone should take in order to prepare for a career in finance?

This has a lot of factors involved. One is demand, you would have to do some research to see what financial job(s) is in high of demand. Choosing a job that is in high demand doesn’t make it the best choice. You would like to also take in consideration of your long-term interest. Doing this, you want to make sure you get the right education for your specialty. It would waste a lot of time to go through school and have a job that you’re not interested at all. Make sure to pick career path that you know that you’re going to enjoy and strive at. 

3) What is the primary role a publicly traded company should pursue, and why?

A publicly traded company’s goal is to always maximize the shareholder’s value while generating as much profit as they can. This will make their shareholders happy which is another key role for the company. 

After Videos: 

1) How can you obtain work experience in the finance field while you are still a student?

It is important to have work experience in the finance field before you even start your career there. With that being said, you would have to find ways of gaining that experience. You start networking while in school. Keep in touch with key advisors from the school could be a great resource after graduation. Another way would be doing internships, especially in the summer. This will let you gain the experience that you’re looking for to get a good start with your career. 

2) The video(s) mention several skills one needs in order to be successful in the field of finance. Which of the skills are most important to you and why?

I believe communication is an important skill to have in the field of finance. When it comes to being told from the manager of how to do things; to talking with the investors on how the business is doing. It is vital to have a good communication to keep everyone happy and it makes things around the office more feasible. 

3) How do job prospects in the field of finance look over the next 10 years?

I had looked into accounting jobs within the next ten years and is shows of it continuing a demand. Every company needs an accountant, so I don’t see that field really taking a fall even with these different types of softwares that makes it easier for people to use. It can still get a little complex. In the accounting field there are different types of jobs. Some of them only require a high school diploma or Associates Degree but most of them do require a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. With the degree there is also a need of computer skills. 

4) One of the roles of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is that of a fiduciary. What does this mean?

Fiduciary is involving trust between a trustee and a beneficiary. The CFO has a lot of major responsibilities and to have a great relationship like that is very important. 


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